Only one functionality 100% of transaction fee get flat Burned. Ownerless open source contract with Fixed supply = 21B only on Pulse chain Network.

✴ Burning 100% of Transaction Fee ✴

Liquidity → HIGH + PulseX
| HIGH will rise higher with PulseX |
HIGH Address.


Burning fee - 9%

Only one fee where each transaction is reduced by 9% and sent to burn address, it will create deflation by increasing asset value.

Liquidity Lock - 21year's

Liquidity gathered while selling asset is completely locked in a timelock contract for 21 year’s.

PulseX (Dex.)

HIGH + PulseX pairing will bring profitability on next level, Both are paired while providing liquidity on Dex(PulseX).  


Decentralisation is our priority by locking and selling it completely asap after listing on dex, ownerless uneditable & unaccessable contract.

Community - 89%.

11% are allocated for promotion’s and team. 89% are for community of which 100% are locked on dex & sold in crypto community.

Magic of Burning.

Burning on every transaction with fixed supply can create more value.

There is no other functionality, just burning certain part of asset everytime a transaction happen to make HIGH more & more rare.

Beware of it’s High burning rate, it can bring value to any level anytime. Due to it’s complete decentralisation you should never have to worry about selliing it tomorrow.

Specially created for Deflation lover’s, Deflation rate will be on next level.

To get high, Go High.

Be High.

Being high is a lifestyle everybody deserve, each holder responsibility is to atleast share once socially. if you do you are doing your part for community to show your highness. Another way is to avoid greed by taking profit wisely.

Build for Future.

High is a futuristic project specially build to overcome any level of future market falls, only one functionality having massive burning rate focused to create deflation for high holders in a persistant burning process…

HIGH + PulseX

PulseX is a high demand token with reducing supply & HIGH is growth creator with high burning rate & reducing supply. Both Pairs are elite combination to build a wonderful deflationary asset.

High Deflation.

How any crypto asset create deflation?

High demand on fixed supply always increase value of any asset to make it deflationary,

e.g Bitcoin, Ethereum and many have little value initially, due to fixed supply & increasing demand they create deflation.

Go High(HIGH) is Burning Massive% on every transaction having fixed supply reducing on every transaction,

Due to its reducing supply & burning, Value will increase and it will become more & more rare with time.